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Sleep Yourself Into Shape

Published on: Mon November 2017

It is almost impossible to avoid the many 2, 4 or 6 week ‘miracle’ exercise or diet programmes that are constantly bombarded into the public domain, especially at a time like this, getting people ready for the Christmas party season, and even more so when January hits… Sadly, the results of these quick fixes (if…

Make 2017 a Genuinely Happy New Year

Published on: Thu January 2017

I’d first like to begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year! Then, I’d like to ask how many of us actually, in between saying it to everyone we meet, stop and think about HOW we can make sure we have a genuinely ‘Happy New Year’? For a lot of people, being healthier, would…

Stop Choosing Poor Health

Published on: Wed September 2016

Everything we do each day from the food we eat, to how many hours we sleep is a choice.  Sometimes we end up in places we don’t want to be, or in physical or emotional states we are unhappy with, but again, it is a choice, or a series of choices that got us there….

Boxing for Fitness Classes in Alderley Edge

Published on: Sun May 2016

My boxing for fitness classes in Alderley Edge have now been running for over three years and have been extremely popular among both men and women wishing to learn a new skill, get fit and lose weight or tone up. People of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome to attend, and everyone is supported…

Marathon Tips – How to Maintain your Marathon Fitness and Drive

Published on: Thu April 2016

So, the big day is approaching, the London Marathon is just days away now. Many people have been preparing and training for several weeks or months, and the biggest fear is often what to do after you cross the finish line… This short guide will help you to ensure that you not only recover as…

Should I Exercise?

Published on: Sun April 2016

Often when people talk about ‘needing’ to exercise or to go to the gym, they’re referring to a desire to lose weight. Of course, exercise can be an important part of any weight loss journey, and it probably should be, but it is not critical to the achievement of weight loss. A carefully managed diet is…

Mindfulness and Meditation – Ancient Solutions to Modern Day Problems

Published on: Sun February 2016

Due to the much increased recent publicity of both mindfulness and meditation, and the number of celebrities openly endorsing it such as Russel Brand, Oprah Winfrey and Hugh Jackman (among many more), you could be forgiven for thinking that mindfulness and meditation are new ideas or ‘fads’. Well, they are not. The concept of mindfulness is deeply rooted in…

Will the Sugar Tax improve the Health of the UK?

Published on: Tue January 2016

Everyone is talking about it, and a lot of people have asked my opinion on it, so here is what I think about the sugar tax. In The UK, petrol is £1.10 per litre and about 70% of that is tax. Cigarettes cost £8-£9 per pack, and 70-80% of that is tax. Beer costs just…

One Small Change for 2016

Published on: Sun December 2015

We have all had enough of New Year’s resolutions.  Every January we are surrounded by them, we may even end up making a few ourselves, but we do NOT keep them. “I will not drink alcohol, I will not eat chocolate, I will go to the gym every day, I will lose 2 stone” The…

Elissa Corrigan Reviews Evolution Total Transformation

Published on: Wed November 2015

We were delighted when Elissa Corrigan, Freelance journalist, health and fitness enthusiast & TV personality offered to review Evolution Total Transformation.  We were even more delighted when we read her review, below!  What female with a pulse wouldn’t want to drop a dress size before the Christmas party season? And what if I told you,…

Forcing myself back into the regular #gym routine and starting to enjoy it after the last week of extreme #doms! – – #benchpress , #situps with..

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Want an amazing #body but don’t have much time to #workout? Try these lunchtime workouts that each take no more than 30mins!

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Dread going to a #gym because you don’t know how to use the equipment? There are usually plenty of staff who are happy to help or you could..

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Doing #DryJanuary? Here are some of the #health benefits! #motivate #alcohol #energy #sober

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Never one to be bound by arbitrary rules on when you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods… I was hungry, so had this for breakfast today!..

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